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FMTC ID Network (ID)
57826 SAS (129464)

Product Feed

This merchant has a network Product Feed, however, it is not integrated in FMTC's Product Feed.

Program Information

Manager Name: Adriel de la Cruz
Manager Email:
Supports Deeplinking: Yes
Ad Copy Restrictions: No
Display URL Restrictions: No
Competitors Allowed On Landing Page: Yes
PPC Bidding Allowed: Yes w/Restrictions
PPC Trademark Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Trademark + Bidding Allowed: Yes
PPC Policy Message: A. The Owner owns the rights to certain trademarks, including those that are listed below. The Affiliate is prohibited from bidding on Owner trademark terms on all Search Engines, as this use constitutes a trademark infringement of the Owner's trademarks. This includes any variations, combinations, and lower-case variants of these terms with or without the "www" prefix or ".com" suffix. The Owner will not pay a commission on any transactions derived from bidding on any of the following protected trademarked/brand-related keywords, and the Owner may change these terms without notice to the Affiliate: wheelhero com, wheels hero, wheel hero discount code, wheelhero, wheel heroes, wheel hero, www wheelhero, www wheelhero com, wheel hero discount, wheelhero reviews, wheelhero coupon codes, wheelhero coupon code.
B. The Affiliate may not make Keyword Buys that are confusingly similar to or a derivation of, the Owner's name or other trademarks, including any misspellings or "typo squatting" variants of the Owner's terms.
C. The Affiliate may not use Dunford Inc. or WheelHero or any variation of Dunford Inc. or WheelHero in the Affiliate's search ad creative.
Email Marketing Allowed: Yes
Email Marketing Policy Message:
Social Media Marketing Allowed: Yes
Social Media Policy Message:


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