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Ghluv provides innovative anti-microbial HeiQ NPJ03 treated fabrics that enhance personal protection against microbes and bacteria. Our product line includes hand protectors, face masks and tights for both children and adults. Proudly made in the USA.

Merchants Information

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    Preferred Merchant
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  • OPM: Goodsell Marketing
  • Primary Category: Clothing & Apparel
  • Primary Country: United States
  • Ships To: USA
  • Add'l Payment Methods: Google Wallet


FMTC ID Network (ID) Commission
44901 IMP (12065)TBD

Product Feed

This merchant does not have a network Product Feed.

Program Information

Manager Name: Laura Goodsell
Manager Email:
Manager Phone: 619-746-8386
Supports Deeplinking: Yes
Program Description: Ghluv provides products with effective antimicrobial prevention & unique style.
Public Commission Rate: 15%
Private Commission Rate Opportunities: Yes, please send proposal.
Placement Bonuses: Yes, please send proposal
Vanity Coupons: Yes, please send proposal
Ad Copy Restrictions: Yes
Display URL Restrictions: Yes
Competitors Allowed On Landing Page: Yes
PPC Bidding Allowed: Yes w/Restrictions
PPC Trademark Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Trademark + Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Policy Message: No TM, No TM+
Email Marketing Allowed: Yes
Email Marketing Policy Message: Please send for approval
Social Media Marketing Allowed: Yes
Social Media Policy Message: Please send for approval


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