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FMTC ID Network (ID)
54417 IMP (11329)

Product Feed

This merchant does not have a network Product Feed.

Program Information

Supports Deeplinking: Yes
Ad Copy Restrictions: Unknown
Display URL Restrictions: Unknown
Competitors Allowed On Landing Page: Unknown
PPC Bidding Allowed: Yes w/Restrictions
PPC Trademark Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Trademark + Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Policy Message: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Policy:
Terms apply to Search Networks offered by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and any Search Partner Networks Powered by these Engines

Brand and Brand+ Terms – Publishers may not bid on any keyword consisting entirely of or including uShip’s branded terms. These terms include uship,, and common misspellings such as u ship, youship, you ship, etc. A full list is attached. Publishers must add these terms as negative keywords to all campaigns in any applicable account.
Prohibited Terms – A list of prohibited SEM bidding keywords is attached. This list is subject to change at any time. If found to be broad matching to prohibited terms, the term in question must be added as a phrase-match negative keyword. Important – A restricted term is considered to include common misspellings, plurals, spaces added/removed, and inclusion/omission of stop or filler words. A good rule of thumb: If Google will near match a query to a prohibited term, then any of those near match queries are to be considered prohibited terms and are subject to the same rules.
Repeated violation(s) of these terms is subject to punitive action up to and including removal of Publishers from uShip’s affiliate program.
Email Marketing Allowed: Unknown
Email Marketing Policy Message:
Social Media Marketing Allowed: Unknown
Social Media Policy Message:

Network Permissions and Restrictions

Description Status Information Type
Deeplinking Allowed? Yes Program Information
Last Updated: 2022-02-24 20:12:59

This information is provided by the affiliate networks and is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate when posted but is subject to change at any time. Please refer to the affiliate networks for complete details on this program's permissions and restrictions.


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