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Where else will you find the best in streaming horror, thrillers, supernatural, and suspense? Only on Shudder, the only horror and thriller-centric streaming video service.

With new premieres, exclusives, and originals every month, and a massive library of hard-to-find international and independent films, thrilling TV series, cult grindhouse classics, and Hollywood blockbusters, Shudder has something for every die-hard and casual scare-seeking fan. Credit will be received on annual memberships. Immediate cancellations will not receive credit.

Start your free trial today to savor:
- Unlimited access to the largest selection of chilling horror films, edge-of-your seat thrillers, and gripping supernatural TV series
- Convenient streaming anytime and anywhere -- computer, smartphone, tablet, Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV
- New films and exclusive originals added weekly so you never run out of great things to watch
- Hand-picked films and curated collections of films which means that all our films are watch-worthy
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32483 CJ (4795402)USD 5.00
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