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  • Agency: Gen3
  • Primary Category: Shoes
  • Primary Country: United States
  • Ships To: USA, APO/FPO, Canada, UK, Australia
  • Add'l Payment Methods: V.Me


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17077 RA (37707)

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Manager Name: Kearstin August
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Supports Deeplinking: Yes
Program Description: Jack Rogers has designed shoes for the modern, classic woman since 1960. The brand, which started with the classic Jacks Sandal, has since expanded into a full line of designer footwear, and continues to retain its long-time cult following. In the Spring of 2023, the beloved Jacks Sandal was revamped based on improvements Jack Rogers’ customers had asked for. The new footbed and outsole design was created with improved flexibility and traction for comfort. The toe post was also redesigned for a more natural and comfortable fit. The most exciting change has come in the number of colors the Jacks are available in now. The color palette contained only 5 colors, but now there are 16, ranging from spicy Fire Red to bold Cobalt and Fuchsia. Now there’s a shade for every mood and occasion. And better yet Jack Rogers has sizes for infants, big sisters, moms, aunts, and grandmoms!
Public Commission Rate: 5%
Private Commission Rate Opportunities: Yes!
Vanity Coupons: Yes!
Ad Copy Restrictions: Yes
Display URL Restrictions: Yes
Competitors Allowed On Landing Page: Yes
PPC Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Trademark Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Trademark + Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Policy Message:
Email Marketing Allowed: Yes
Email Marketing Policy Message:
Social Media Marketing Allowed: Yes
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Deeplinking Allowed? Yes Program Information
Last Updated: 2020-01-30 23:08:57

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